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8th workshop organized byTelefónica in Brazil


The Telefónica Global Energy and Climate Change Workshop is a yearly meeting of the company’s leaders in energy transformation and other principal collaborating companies. 

The event’s main goal is to take advantage of the current opportunities that abound in this field and to encourage innovation in order to reduce Telefónica’s energy consumption and carbon footprint at a global level. At this event, presentations are given on the most recent initiatives in renewable energies and energy efficiency. 

It will be a moment for analysis and for setting new challenges: the event brings together the different areas of the company that are responsible for network infrastructure, finances, purchasing and sustainability. On the heels of 7 previous years, the Workshop is clearly an established and key event for promoting a low-carbon economy at Telefónica. 

Each year the event brings together more than 250 people from all the countries where Telefónica is present.


More information: http://www.eficienciaenergetica.telefonica.com/en/ 

22. November 2017 12:00 - 24. November 2017 00:00
Felipe Pinan-Diaz
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