An environmental Conscious Company

Specialized in the design and the manufacturing of « AC or DC power stations » for industry or telecommunications, CE+T s.a. is focused on a responsible behavior regarding the environment.

In its search for continuous improvement and progress towards excellence, CE+T s.a. implements an Environmental Management System which complies with the following principles:

  • to comply with applicable environmental legal requirements,
  • to meet any other environmental requirements to which it subscribes by contractor on a voluntary basis,
  • to ensure open communication with legal authorities and with concerned public,
  • to involve its suppliers, subcontractors and customers in a global effort in order to make environment protection part of business decisions,
  • to train and motivate every member of the staff to show a responsible attitude regarding the environment,
  • to maintain a continuous improvement program of its products and manufacturing processes regarding the environment,

and main areas of progress which are :

  • to focus on products design with a maximum yield and provide customers with equipment that minimizes energy loss,
  • to design products (electronic enclosures and cabinets) where all components are free of substances hazardous to health or to the environment,
  • to keep the lowest level of pollution in its manufacturing processes,
  • to consider the rational use of energy and raw materials, particularly in terms of the testing process,
  • to reduce the amount of waste produced by trying to value, recycle and reuse them,
  • to optimize packaging by using recycled or recyclable materials, excluding all those derived from non-biodegradable.

The implementation of this policy requires the involvement and active participation of everyone, all functions and at all levels of responsibility. We have to manufacture our products in a clean area by using techniques and working methods respectful of the environment ... for us and for future generations.