Bravo 10 - 48/230

Bravo 10 - 48/230  

The Bravo 10 is a modular inverter offering many opportunities to design a solution that perfectly fits your needs. The ECI technology offers both AC and DC inputs to provide a perfect AC power while reducing the number of power conversion (the module operates under normal condition with the AC input delivering a 96% efficiency)! In conjunction with the DC input, it provides an excellent AC backup solution

This module has the highest power density in the market (811 W/l). It delivers a power output of 1000 Watts for only 1U high! 

This module can be integrated in a shelf. For a cabinet 600mm wide, we can integrate up to 5 modules in 1U high for a total power of 5 kW or 6,25 kVA


Key advantages

  • AC and DC inputs (high conversion efficiency)
  • Modularity (starting at 1kW)
  • Compactness (only 1U high)
  • High power density (811 W/l)
  • Reliability 
  • 0ms transfer time (from AC to DC input) 

Key technical features

  Bravo 10 - 48/230
Nominal output power (VA) 1250 VA
Nominal output power (W) 1000 W
Efficiency (AC to AC) 96%
Efficiency (DC to AC) 92.5%
Power density (Watts/Liters) 811
Modularity  Up to 5kW for 1U