Modular Battery

Ni-MH Modular Battery

Hot pluggable, high power densityrack-mountablegreen and safe battery!
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48 Vdc
6 Ah
Current discharge
Up to 50

What's in it for you?

This Ni-MH battery is a revolution in the world of batteries. For the first time, we have designed a modular battery that is hot-pluggable, rack-mountable, easy to recycle and safe. As a result, you can benefit from an easy to install, easy to usesafe and environmentally friendly solution.

This battery can withstand up to 1000 surges per day thanks to its incredible discharge capacities (up to 50C).

Key Features

  • Hot pluggable
  • Easy to install and replace (plug & play)
  • Invest step-by-step (plug batteries to add power)
  • From 1 to 72 battery modules in parallel
  • Reduced trainings, no tools required
  • No maintenance (sealed battery)
  • Lightweight (less than 5kg)

Technical Data

Nominal Voltage 48 V
Nominal Capacity 6 Ah
Specific power 351 W/kg
Max. continuous discharge current 240 A
Max. instantaneous discharge current 300 A
Part number V090248006

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