Stage : TFE - Development of Battery Management Algorithms for Hybrid Power Solutions

Location: Wandre, Belgium
Duration: minimum 3 months with the possibility of extension
Start Date: To be determined with the student
Application Deadline: 30/09 


CE+T Power is offering an exciting opportunity for a Master’s level student to conduct an internship focused on advancing battery management algorithms for hybrid power solutions.  

Thesis Description  

In the context of renewable energy penetration as a production source, power electronics becomes increasingly versatile. In the case of microgrid and active distribution system restructuring in particular, jointly operating appropriate components and systems yield technical challenges to ensure energy stable availability and efficiency of the installation. One of these is to ensure collaboration and efficient control of such hybrid power solutions. By way of example, CE+T Power designs multi-port modular converters and controllers intended to be used with third-party products such as smart batteries, PV inverters or gensets. 

This versatility applies to batteries in particular. Historically, batteries, mostly lead-acid, have been used for critical backup applications, ensuring continuity of service in case of grid outage. Nowadays, their composition and construction are much more varied, including nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd), nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) or lithium-ion (Li-ion). They have become more and more complex, yielding a whole field of activity besides power electronics with numerous associated manufacturers. Their management has become more and more specific and is often handled by dedicated Battery Management Systems (BMS). Their applications have also multiplied as described here-above. 

From a power electronics point of view, the converter charge (or discharge) behavior needs to be properly managed to maximize battery lifetime or even avoid safety critical situations. The most standard such management – known as CCCV algorithm – implies charging the battery first at constant current. As far as CE+T Power products are concerned, this algorithm is implemented in a controller, separate from the converters. 

The proposed master thesis consists in generalizing this algorithm to multiple battery types, especially when a battery is not combined with a dedicated BMS. Among others, it will imply 4 successive activities: the assessment of the existing algorithm, its modelling along with possible modifications, actual implementation controlling simulated hardware (Hardware-In-the-Loop) and real implementation, systematically discussing comparable test results. 

Candidate Profile  

  • Currently enrolled in a Master’s program with a focus on electrical engineering, renewable energy systems, or a related field. 
  • Strong interest in power electronics, renewable energy integration, and battery management. 
  • Capable of both independent research and collaborative project execution. 
  • An internship agreement is not mandatory, offering flexibility in terms of academic collaboration.  


  • Engage in high-impact research that contributes to sustainable and efficient energy management solutions. 
  • Work alongside experts at CE+T Power with the possibility to conduct part of the thesis at Texas A&M University  
  • Opportunity to contribute to advancements in battery technology and power electronics 
  • A dynamic place of work, where interns are integral team members 

How to Apply  

Interested candidates should submit a CV and a cover letter outlining their interest and qualifications for the thesis project.  

Applications and questions should be sent to

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