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First seeds of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge

Company life • 03.09 2020

By participating to the „Sustainable Coffee Challenge“, we committed to plant more than 100 hectares of trees in Peru to help with the reforestation and to help coffee producers. Today, the first seeds have been planted in San Martin (Peru)!

Planting seeds Amazonia

The Sustainable Coffee Challenge

Doesn’t ring a bell? Remember, after important fires in Amazonia, we organized the „30 days to save Amazonia“ campaign during which for each module purchased, CE+T committed to plant a tree (see the complete article here). We chose to participate to the crowdfunding organized by Conservation International which ended in December 2019 and raised nearly $170.000! 

Today and tomorrow

COVID-19 has delayed the planting of the first seeds. However, the Conservation International’s team successfully produced 10% of the seedlings before the lock-down. It was planned to start the plantation at the beginning of September, but in the current situation this is still tentative. We don’t have many trees yet but this takes time and patience! 

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