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Modular DC Solutions

Plug & Play solutions compatible with other CE+T Power’s converters.

The landscape of energy is changing and DC Power is becoming more widespread thanks to the efficiencies it offers.

We have developed safe, reliable and efficient solutions in the field of Direct Current to complete our product range.

Pluggable battery

Our Ni-MH battery is a revolution in the world of batteries. For the first time, we have designed a modular battery that is hot-pluggable, rack-mountable, easy to recycle and safe. As a result, you can benefit from an easy to install, easy to use, safe and environmentally friendly solution.

This battery can withstand up to 1000 surges per day thanks to its incredible discharge capacities (up to 50C).

Modular Battery

DC/DC converters

Based on the topology of our modules and our experience in building many types of power converters, we have developed Iris, a range of bidirectional DC/DC converters. Iris is made up of two bidirectional DC ports and exists in two versions: 48/380 Vdc – 2.4 kW (with double isolation) and 380/380 Vdc – 2.5 kW.

Combined Iris with all the other power converters that we offer to create the solution that fits your application!

Iris 25 - 48/380
Iris 25 - 380/380

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