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The Sierra family is growing!

Products • 28.05 2020

We are glad to present Sierra 10 – 48/230, a multidirectional converter for small loads. This module will secure both your AC and DC loads and charge batteries. Moreover, innovative solutions such as the ones for Energy Management can be designed with this single module.

What is behind this name?

Sierra 10 – 48/230 is a fully bi-directional converter that converts 48 Vdc power source into 230 Vac and provides a pure sine wave.

The total output power per module is 1.2 kW, limited to 1 kW for each AC or DC port. It means that you can split these 1.2 kW between AC and DC but with maximum 1kW for DC Out and 1 kW for AC Out.

 Click on the Sierra 10 to discover its main features in a small video:

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Which solutions can Sierra 10 – 48/230 offer?

Thanks to our Inview S Slot, we have a complete solution with the highest power density in the market: 4.8 kW in 1U high only! Moreover, this solution is modular: you can start with one module and add up to 3 modules in one subrack system. All the details are available here.

In addition to this standard solution, we can design many other configurations to best meet your needs, simply ask for it!

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