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Energy prices continue to rise

Company life • 22.03 2022

Since the pandemic that started in early 2020, we notice an impressive inflation which also concerns energy prices. Indeed, a strong rise in energy prices is observable worldwide and it is problematic. What can we do? CE+T Power gives you some tips.

Energy prices rise

Energy prices rise

Several factors influence the rise of energy prices :

  • The global economic recovery from the health crisis implies an increase in demand worldwide. This demand first appeared in Asia before spreading to Europe.
  • The increase in the European carbon price (EU ETS) accounts for 20% of the total increase in the cost of electricity production. This price, determined by carbon pricing and applied in the energy sector, also impacts our energy bill.
  • Storage levels in European networks are very low. This is due to the increasingly long heating period due to climate change.

The graph below clearly identifies the evolution of electricity prices in some European countries for business use, that is 50 MWh. The evolution is represented per month and per amount of the energy component in euros per year.

Source : Commission de Régulation de l’Électricité et du Gaz

We see that in Europe, prices were quite stable from December 2020 to September 2021. However, we notice a strong evolution of electricity prices since September 2021, rising on average from €3,500 to €7,000. (Source)

How to react?

Some actions can help you save money:

  1. Check your energy contract
    Compare the offers of the different suppliers on the market.
  2. Pay attention to your consumption
    Certain actions will allow you to reduce your bill: delimit heating zones, air out when the heating is off, close curtains when the outside temperature is at its lowest (in the evening) to limit heat loss through windows, favour natural light, turn off lights in unoccupied rooms, limit the standby time of appliances.
  3. Become increasingly independent of the market
    In order not to be affected by the energy prices rise, it would be advantageous for you to produce and consume your own energy. To do this, you will need to install solar panels and store the energy with batteries (or other storage solution).


What can CE+T Power do for you?

CE+T Power will help you reduce your energy costs through several functionalities:

  1. Peak shaving is an important factor in the cost of energy. This peak can be limited by reducing consumption or by using locally stored energy. Our solutions measure the actual consumption and injects energy from the batteries before the peak can occur. In this way, you will significantly reduce your energy costs.
  2. Our storage solutions will help you maximise your self-consumption. The excess energy produced by your renewable energies will be stored in a battery and used later.
  3. Owners of grid-interactive certified energy storage systems can receive money to help balance the grid by selling excess energy.
  4. Business continuity: power outages can be very expensive. We offer management systems with backup functionality. A single solution can therefore secure your critical loads, reduce your energy costs and be autonomous.

Each project is unique, and we are here to help you achieve this. We will analyse your needs and develop the most suitable solution for your requirements.

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