Energy Management

There are smart ways to meet the challenges of tomorrow. We provide innovative converters to create great solutions.

Innovative technologies

We offer 3 technology platforms, each based on innovative converters with 3 bidirectional ports.

Depending on your requirements, our platforms can provide:

  • Single module to connect everything (3 ports);
  • Modular, to invest step by step;
  • Battery protection (galvanic isolation);
  • Grid disturbances protection;
  • Compatibility with many battery chemistries;
  • Compactness and lightness.
  • Grid-interactive certified

Our solutions are completed by intelligent interfacing of our converters via Inview Monitoring & Control with third-party equipment such as smart batteries, MPPT controllers, meters, etc., offering a comprehensive package.

Commerce & Industries

Simply connect the grid, renewable energy, battery and loads (AC and/or DC), all with one converter.

Energy platform CE+T

Advantages of the solution:

  • Shave peaks of consumption;
  • Increase self-consumption (renewable energy);
  • Get paid for demand response (by shifting your consumption)
  • Benefit from a pure power supply (no voltage drop, sag or surge).

Optionally, the solution can be sized to perform power backup to secure your critical equipment. Integration of EVs in the infrastructure is also facilitate thanks to our multidirectional converters systems.

Off-grid applications

Alone or with other companies, create micro-grids by connecting renewable energies (on the AC and/or DC side) and storage to supply your loads.

With our solution, you can dramatically:

  • Reduce energy costs (grid or generator);
  • Increase the availability (backup) and the quality of the power supply;
  • Increase self-consumption (produced by renewable);
  • Optimize the use of genset and avoid oversizing it.

Power Booster

When your application requires a large amount of power for a limited period of time, your consumption often exceeds the limit sets by the power utilities and it can cost you a lot. Our solutions are power boosters that limit the power taken from the grid or genset by taking it from renewable sources or batteries.

Want to see our solution in action?
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Our Sierra 48/230-277, Sierra 380/230 and Hercules are certified grid-interactive. These certifications ensure the safety, interoperability, and compatibility of the systems with the electrical grid. It provides benefits such as increased energy efficiency, improved grid stability, and revenue generation. With these capabilities, our products empower users to optimize energy usage, support grid reliability, and even capitalize on new opportunities in the evolving energy landscape.

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Building blocks

Our power converters are designed to store energy (from the grid or solar panels) and use it as power backup, when the electricity price is up or to support the grid.

Select your building block depending on your voltage requirements and output power:

Building blocks No. of AC & DC ports DC voltage AC voltage Output power
Hercules (info) 2 & 1 408 3×400 20 to 240 kW
Sierra 25 – 48/230-277 (info) 2 & 1 48 230
2.4 to 72 kW
Sierra 25 – 380/230-277 (info) 2 & 1 380 230
2.4 to 72 kW
Stabiliti 30C3-CE (info) 1 & 2 750 3×400 25 to 200 kW
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