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Power Booster Solution for Construction Sites

Case study • 22.06 2023

Large construction sites face numerous challenges when it comes to powering their operations efficiently and sustainably. Traditionally, diesel generators have been used, but they come with several drawbacks that make them less suitable for the diverse and irregular loads encountered on construction sites. In addition, the stringent carbon emission regulations in the EU further limit their usability. This article explores the benefits of battery solutions, with a focus on CE+T solutions.

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Using gensets poses a lot of constraints

Diesel generators are not an ideal solution anymore for construction sites due to various constraints, such as:

  • Inefficiency: Diesel generators are not designed for irregular loads and often operate with long periods of low load, leading to inefficiencies in fuel consumption.
  • CO2 Emissions: Diesel generators contribute to carbon dioxide emissions, impacting the environment.
  • Noise: Diesel generators generate significant noise, causing disruptions to workers and nearby residents.
  • High Fuel Consumption: Cranes alone consume over 500 liters of diesel per week, resulting in annual costs ranging from 20,000 to 30,000€ per crane.
  • Maintenance and Outages: Diesel generators require regular maintenance and are subject to periodic outages.
  • Fuel Placement Challenges: Placing diesel generators on construction sites, especially in cities, can be challenging as fuel trucks need access to refuel them.

Moreover, requesting a higher capacity grid connection is a long and expensive process, often accompanied by penalties for exceeding the granted capacity.

Switching to Battery solutions

In contrast, battery solutions offer a range of advantages for construction sites. Firstly, they produce no emissions when in use, providing a clean and sustainable power source. Unlike diesel generators, battery solutions do not require a higher capacity grid connection, saving time and reducing costs. Additionally, the integration of batteries is seamless, as pre-charged containers can be easily deployed on-site. Power outages do not disrupt construction activities when using battery solutions, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

Another benefit of battery solutions is their smaller footprint compared to diesel generators. They require minimal space for installation, allowing for more efficient use of available space on construction sites. Battery solutions eliminate the need for regular maintenance and refueling, as charging can be remotely controlled. This saves time and operational costs associated with diesel generators.

Furthermore, battery solutions provide flexibility in choosing the optimal charging moment, which can significantly reduce electricity costs. Construction sites can work with energy traders or aggregators to leverage this flexibility and potentially generate additional revenue by providing grid support. Detailed consumption data and analysis enable the optimization of electricity usage on-site, leading to reduced overall consumption.

Battery solutions also facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources on construction sites. By harnessing solar or wind power, construction sites can further reduce their environmental impact and dependence on traditional energy sources.

Empowering Construction Sites with CE+T Flexible and Efficient Solution

CE+T’s solution serves as the driving force and central hub for powering construction sites. By utilizing our flexible, efficient, and modular power converters, Hercules, along with our monitoring system, construction sites can seamlessly integrate a wide range of components. These include batteries, “power-dependent” equipment, and even renewable energy sources, all connected through our converters‘ three ports. With our expertise and background in backup solutions, we ensure a continuous power supply through our backup functionality.

Hercules + Inview X - Standards solutions

Our reliable and experienced partners have already implemented our solutions in the field, specifically on construction sites. Our solution accommodates various scenarios, providing the flexibility to prioritize energy sources and minimize reliance on traditional energy options such as generators and the grid. Whether it’s a combination of grid and batteries, grid, batteries, and solar panels, or even a setup involving generators, batteries, and renewable energy sources, our solution empowers the ability to optimize energy usage and reduce energy costs.

In summary, CE+T’s solution not only ensures adaptability to different construction site setups but also optimizes energy usage and prioritization. This results in reliable and efficient power supply while reducing dependence on traditional energy sources. CE+T stands as the core solution, empowering construction sites with its comprehensive power management capabilities.

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