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Reduce your TCO, go for quality and true support!

Products • 23.03 2020

CE+T has been designing and manufacturing innovative power converters since 1934. New solutions are developed with a clear objective: to offer a high level of quality while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership for our customers. Click here for more information about our company.

Repair & Maintenance, still a significant cost?

Repair and maintenance are always a big part of your budget. Even though our products and solutions are designed to achieve the highest level of quality and reliability, we all know problems can arise. So how do we deal with this?

We found 3 main solutions:

  1. Quality: it may sound obvious, but if you select quality products from established companies, you will drastically reduce the number of failures. For some standalone inverters, sold for a few hundred euros, the cost of replacing a defective inverter (product + time of a qualified technician) will certainly be quickly recovered if you buy quality products.
  2. Single component: managing multiple types of components costs money. First, when designing and installing your power solutions. Second, storage of spare parts in stock and management of various suppliers. Third, because it is always a risk of errors. We have designed a power solution capable of securing all your loads (regardless of the power required and whether they need AC or DC current).
  3. Easy maintenance: people in charge of installing, commissioning and maintaining our products are regularly trained in our customer training centers, whether they are our team or our partners and customers. On top of that, our solutions are developed to reduce the risk of human error to its lowest level. For instance, our hot-swappable modules can be replaced in a running system (no by-pass) and require no configuration!

Hundreds of sites to control, a nightmare?

Telecommunications networks require, in all cases, a broad infrastructure. From the core sites to hundreds or thousands of antennas, the signal must pass through the infrastructure.

Do you dream of a solution capable of giving you a clear overview of what is happening on each and every site? And receive alarms and notifications in the event of any type of problem on the site? And why not opt for a predictive maintenance solution? We have developed dedicated monitoring & control solutions to help you meet all of these types of requirements.

Digitization and Edge Computing

Digitization, whatever it is in your core sites or at the edge of the network, requires the installation of new ICT equipment in addition to existing telecom equipment. Moreover, these new ICT hardwares require secure AC power. We have been supplying our innovative modular inverters to telecom companies for many years to secure their AC loads. We have now developed products capable to backup both AC & DC loads with a single device.

Don’t wonder which loads you will need to connect now, next year or in five years. Simply install our Sierra modules, the one-stop solution to secure any type of load, and let us do the rest.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this subject!

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