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We provide innovative power solutions to keep your business running and save energy.
CE+T is a multinational conglomerate of companies that creates, through an efficient and collaborative environment, advanced solutions to ensure peace of mind of its customers and the future of our planet.
Our heritage since 1934 embodies extensive experience and expertise in power solutions, making us a valuable contributor to the energy transition.

Our range of power solutions includes inverters (DC to AC), UPS (securing AC loads with batteries), and multidirectional converters (inverter, rectifier and UPS all-in-one). Additionally, our advanced monitoring and control solutions offer real-time insights into the performance of your power infrastructure.

We provide tailored solutions to meet diverse energy needs and applications, such as critical industries, remote locations, and renewable energy integration. Moreover, our DNA of reliability, derived from our expertise in backup power, ensures uninterrupted power supply when it matters most.

Trust CE+T Power not only for our power solutions but also as a dedicated partner invested in your success.

Key figures

300.000+ Modules
produced each year
200+ Employees
dedicated to you
3 Factories
around the world
3 R&D centers
for continuous innovation


Inclusivity at CE+T means ensuring a collaborative operation within the company, all in a spirit of tolerance and respect for diversity.
Integrity at CE+T means promoting ethics through active listening and consistent commitment to our internal and external partners.
Creativity at CE+T is about stimulating the ingenuity of each individual autonomously and interactively, both internally and externally, to continuously develop our technologies and enhance our living environment.
Sustainability at CE+T is about securing our reputation through the quality of our products and our constant adaptability to the environment, with a focus on longevity. It also involves being creative and proactive in developing ecological processes and solutions.

Go Green

At CE+T Power, sustainability is a core value. We’re not claiming to be the best, but we are dedicated to making a positive impact within our capabilities.

Our EcoVadis evaluation serves as a benchmark, highlighting our ongoing efforts to embrace responsible practices.¬†While we continue to innovate and improve our solutions’ energy efficiency, we embrace the challenge of enhancing our contribution to sustainability.


Winner of the world contest organized in 2016 by Google and IEEE to produce the smallest inverter in the world.
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Label received by Deloitte in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 to approve the way we manage our business in terms of strategy, capabilities, commitments and finances.
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Join us!

CE+T Power is always looking for talented people. If you want to join a leading company working on the biggest challenges such as energy transition, 5G or the growth of data centers, join us and be part of it!

CE+T Group

CE+T Power and its subsidiaries in Australia, India, China and Germany (locations here) are part of the CE+T Group.

Discover the companies in the Group:

Alpha Innovations joined the CE+T family in 2019. This company has developed its expertise in the field of customized power solutions. Its core competencies are related to their own monitoring solution and third-party converters integration to create a single and easy-to-use solution.
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CE+T America is dedicated to the North American market and more particularly to energy management solutions to prepare for the energy revolution. The company is also promoting our innovative data center solution, Power Fusion.
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Logo Jema
Since its creation in 1937, Jema has acquired a unique knowledge of high performance DC power supplies. The company designs, develops, manufactures and provides services to companies active in the medical, glass and research sectors and requiring extreme precision, or to companies using specific technologies.
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CE+T Energrid focuses on energy management solutions for European customers. The company provides commercial & industrial customers with solutions to reduce their energy bills and provide power backup. CE+T Energrid offers complete solutions or building blocks for integration into third-party solutions.
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