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Swap of modules for evolving train infrastructures

Case study • 30.09 2021

Train infrastructures are evolving and so are the power converters used in this sector. As a result, our customer was looking for a solution that could evolve with these changes.

For specific case such as AC and DC loads for train infrastructures, we provide specific power backup solution.

Train infrastructures context

Our customer, a European Railway operator, was looking for a solution that would fit the constant evolving train infrastructures. Indeed, the type of loads to be secured (AC or DC) is regularly changing. Consequently, the previous solution, which were plug & play modular converters, was not enough to cope with these unpredictable changes.

Our solution

The previous solution was made of Cordex rectifiers and a monitoring. It was taking quite a lot of space in the cabinet (7U). As demonstrated in the video below, we installed an all-in-one solution with Sierra 10 48/230 and Inview S Slot monitoring. The goal was to modernize and standardize the equipment.


  • Less space is required (only 3U high!). So it leaves the opportunity in the future to use this space if more power is required, for instance
  • Sierra 10 48/230 is a 3-port multi-directional converter. Therefore it allows to secure both AC and DC loads and charging batteries at the same time
  • Inventory management is easier as there is only on rack to keep in stock
  • Keep some previous features such as modularity and hot-swappable. As our modules are hot-swappable, the installation is easy and it can be done during operation.

The installation

We started to proceed to the swap of modules 5 months ago for 20 cabinets on 10 sites across the country. These interventions were done by our team of CE+T Services.

Instead of changing the complete cabinet, our team was able to only do some changes in cabling as the rack fits perfectly in the cabinet.

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