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Powering a 6.600 km submarine cable

Case study • 09.11 2020

True information highways, telecommunications submarine cables carry about 99% of the world’s communications and are therefore essential to the operation of a network. CE+T Power equipment are there to make sure information and data never stop flowing.

Fiber optic

Fiber-optic cables carry information between two places using entirely optical (light-based) technology. On each side of the cable, there are IT infrastructures that manage the information and power flows. These infrastructures need a perfectly reliable power supply and back-up. That’s where CE+T Power comes in.

Power supply for submarine cables

Six systems of 864 kW in total delivered by CE+T and Eltek are now operational. These systems provide the backup for all the transmission equipment on site for a fiber optic connection of 6.600km transporting 250 terabits of data per second.

Power supply for submarine cables

CE+T Power delivered 180kVA power inverters to secure IT racks powered in 400Vac from a 380Vdc infrastructure. The use of 380Vdc provides significant copper savings (up to 5 times less). Our inverters operate in double conversion mode with high efficiency. In case of power outage, the DC power supply comes from Eltek rectifier.

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