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Designed for eXtreme Conditions

Products • 04.12 2023

Designed to Withstand!

Built for harsh environments, this new concept named Sierra XC, fears nothing: earthquakes, vibrations, shocks, high temperatures, humidity, water projection, dust, corrosive atmosphere, biological and chemical contamination. The product is delivered in an IP65 enclosure.


The three fully bidirectional ports (AC/AC/DC) built into each module can all function as input and as output. This means you can use them to secure AC & DC loads and charge the batteries at the same time. The internal DC energy buffer dynamically distributes the power between AC and DC according to the needs. No configuration is required.

To do what?

This unique power converter can be used to power any type of load anywhere:

Outdoor (pole or wall mounted):

  • Telecom antenna
  • Traffic lighting
  • Security camera / CCTV


  • Outside broadcast
  • Offshore wind farms
  • Transport (train, boats, etc.)
  • Military

Just to name a few. For any kind of application in extreme conditions, Sierra XC is your partner of choice.

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