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Exploring the Power of Innovation: A Glimpse into our Collaboration with ELS Industries Ltd

Company life • 29.05 2024

In an era where innovation meets sustainability, our dialogue with David Siu unveils the essence of ELS Industries Ltd, a Hong Kong-based pioneer in energy solutions, and its strategic partnership with CE+T. This collaboration stands out for combining ELS’s expertise with CE+T’s cutting-edge technology. Join us in exploring the impact of this alliance as it shapes a sustainable and innovative future from its roots in Hong Kong.

Could you elaborate on the primary business activities and services offered by ELS Industries Ltd ?

David Siu: “At the heart of the energy sector, our company has been a frontrunner in delivering robust power and energy solutions for many years. We cater to a diverse range of sectors including electrical utilities, mass transit, airport authorities, telecoms, data centers, and government industries. Our expertise spans across the spectrum of traditional power solutions, enriched with a strong commitment to ESG initiatives, ensuring sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

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Could you share the story of how your collaboration with CE+T began?

David Siu:Our journey with CE+T began in 1999, marking a significant milestone in our history. Initially, we collaborated to navigate the complexities of getting CE+T’s innovative products approved by the then monopolized Chinese PTT. This successful endeavor led to the establishment of the first CE+T Joint Venture in China, a strategic move that bolstered our production and marketing capabilities.«

What types of projects initiated your collaboration with this company?

David Siu:Our collaboration has yielded a myriad of groundbreaking applications.

Highlights include:

  • AliCloud Datacenter UPS: Utilizing the Modular UPS system, this application stands as a testament to enhanced efficiency and reliability in data center operations.
  • Macau Government Datacenter: Featuring the Sierra 10, this project exemplifies our ability to deliver high-performance solutions to governmental entities.
  • Hong Kong MTR: Implementing the Sierra XC10 alongside our bespoke PRTG platform-based monitoring control, we’ve revolutionized trackside UPS systems.

On-site engineers and system close-up

  • PCCW Telecom DC UPS: The Nova TSI, designed for corporate VIP users, showcases our commitment to delivering bespoke solutions in the telecom sector.
  • Hong Kong MTR Station Communication Backup: Integrating the Bravo TSI and ECI, this solution ensures uninterrupted communication services.

• Hong Kong MTR Station Communication Backup

  • Hong Kong Department of Sewage & Drainage: The Bravo TSI system plays a crucial role in supporting the city’s essential sewage and drainage control systems.

Hong Kong Department of Sewage & Drainage

How would you describe your collaboration with CE+T in two words?

David Siu: “Innovation and Specialization. Our satisfaction with CE+T stems from their relentless pursuit of innovation and specialization. Their approach has consistently brought fresh perspectives and bespoke solutions to complex challenges, driving our projects to new heights of success.

What do you envision for your future collaboration with CE+T?

David Siu: Looking ahead, we are poised to redefine power systems with advanced capabilities to withstand harsh conditions. Our focus is on harnessing machine learning to enhance reliability and intelligence in our systems. Simultaneously, we are deeply committed to amplifying our ESG efforts, particularly in aiding underdeveloped countries and supporting the less fortunate, as we believe in the power of technology to make a global impact.

In conclusion, our collaboration with CE+T and our innovative approach to power solutions are paving the way towards a more sustainable and efficient future, where challenges are met with cutting-edge technology and a deep sense of responsibility towards the planet and its people.«

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