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Meet Robert Eyben

Team • 29.10 2019

Two months ago, Robert Eyben became CEO of CE+T Group after more than 25 years as CEO of CE+T Power. CE+T Group owns shares in several companies, including among others, CE+T Power, Alpha Innovations, CE+T Energrid and CE+T Energy Solutions, the latter two focusing on the energy revolution. The biggest challenge for Robert is to build multiple synergies between the companies within the group (purchasing, sales, hardware and software development, etc.) to go even further. Let’s discover who is the “synergy man” of CE+T.

Robert Eyben during a company event


What do you like about CE+T?

What I appreciate since my beginnings at CE+T is the positive mindset of people working in this company, always looking towards the future, which is essential to have a pleasant working place. This is very important as we spend 5 days per week with these people. I have a real pleasure to go to work and I believe this is the same for the majority of my colleagues which allows smart teamwork.

What is exciting about your job here is…

What makes my job exciting is, like most job with high responsibilities, to see the progress we make and that things are moving in the right direction. It’s not always easy and things are not always working like we want. But in these situations, the positive mindset is essential, and, in the end, we can always find a positive outcome out of it.

What are your hobbies?

For many years, my wife and I have been antique lovers. We visit many museums and go regularly to antique shops. Since several years, we are interested in vintage cars and participate in historical rallies. It’s great as we combine ride, relaxation and the pleasure of meeting other people. I also enjoy playing golf.

If you had to recommend a book, which one will it be?

I appreciate Amélie Nothomb and I am quite loyal to her annual book. I also like to read Guillaume Musso and detectives stories. I spend a lot of time reading content related to everyday life, so books are mostly for holidays. When I will be retired, I’ll probably have more time to do it but it’s not for now.

Which type of music do you like the most?

Lots of people compare me to Alain Souchon because of my hair. I appreciate all types of music as long as it is adapted to the circumstances. For example, I like Lounge music when I have a drink, Rock music when I read and Blues when I’m meeting a friend. I also enjoy going to concerts of covers.

What is your favorite quote?

« Nothing is impossible » – when someone really wants something, I think that few things are impossible.

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