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Welcoming Sébastien Michel as the New Global Sales Director at CE+T Power

Company life • 15.04 2024

We are pleased to announce an exciting transition within the CE+T Group. Ralf Hemecker, who has significantly contributed to our commercial strategies, is stepping down as the Global Sales Director of CE+T Power to take on new challenges within the group. Ralf will join the team of Jema, continuing his journey with the Group. Replacing him, we welcome Sébastien Michel as our new Global Sales Director at CE+T Power, who brings a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives to his new role. We caught up with Sébastien to learn more about his background, his motivations, and his vision for the future of CE+T Power.

Sebastien Michel, new global sales director of CE+T Power

Could you share a bit about your professional background and what led you to join CE+T Power?

Sébastien Michel: «Before joining CE+T Power, I was the CEO of Serel, a company that shares some of its shareholders with the CE+T Group. My background is in industrial engineering with a specialization in electronics, and I have a master in Management. Currently, I’m also pursuing an MBA. The opportunity to join CE+T Power came as I was looking to engage with a larger organization facing more complex challenges, which is exactly what CE+T offers.»

What motivated you to take on the role of Global Sales Director at CE+T Power?

Sébastien Michel: «I’ve always been passionate about the strategic aspect of business, especially in how it intersects with customer engagement and technology. At CE+T Power, I see an opportunity to drive innovation in our commercial strategies and to make a significant impact in the power electronics market

Can you share your main goals as you step into this role?

Sébastien Michel: «My primary goal is to strengthen our market position by enhancing the effectiveness of our commercial team. I plan to focus on integrating innovative solutions that cater to our customers’ evolving needs, thereby ensuring that CE+T remains at the forefront of the industry.»

How do you see your previous experience influencing your approach as Global Sales Director?

Sébastien Michel: «Having a broad view of business operations from my time as CEO is advantageous. It’s not just about understanding commercial dynamics but also about appreciating the technical and operational challenges. This holistic view will help me better integrate commercial initiatives with other departments to enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness.»

What excites you about your new role?

Sébastien Michel: «I’m particularly excited about the prospect of working closely with our clients and team to navigate the fast-evolving business landscape. Being at the cutting edge of technological advancement and seeing firsthand the impact we can make is profoundly motivating.»

Finally, what do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Sébastien Michel: «I am a family man at heart, and I cherish the time spent with my two daughters. When not at work, you might find me traveling, engaging in sports, or enjoying quality time with my family.»

As Sébastien Michel steps into his new role as Global Sales Director, his blend of expertise, enthusiasm for innovation, and a customer-centric approach promise exciting developments for CE+T Power. Join us in welcoming Sébastien and looking forward to a vibrant future under his leadership!

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