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Revolutionizing Energy Storage with Supercapacitors

Case study • 26.02 2024

The CE+T and 247 Energy Collaboration

CE+T Power joined forces with 247 Energy, a renowned energy integrator based in the the Benelux, to embark on a project that highlights the adaptability and efficiency of alternative energy storage solutions. This case study explores their collaborative effort to revolutionize energy management using supercapacitors.

The Challenge: Integrating Solar Power with Advanced Energy Storage

A leading logistics company in the Netherlands faced the challenge of seamlessly integrating solar power with a reliable and efficient energy storage system. While traditional lithium-ion batteries were a consideration, the company sought an innovative, safe and sustainable solution. Their primary goal was to effectively manage peak energy demands while reducing their grid reliance, all while maintaining the utmost reliability and safety in their energy storage approach.

247 Energy Supercaps and Hercules Converters in Synergy

247 Energy’s innovative approach led to the integration of supercapacitors as an alternative to conventional batteries, offering enhanced safety, longevity, and rapid energy transfer. These supercapacitors were seamlessly integrated within a 20-foot container, custom-tailored to meet the energy needs of the logistics company.

247 Energy Container integrating Hercules and Inview of CE+T Power

Complementing this innovation, CE+T Power provided the critical Hercules power converters and the Inview monitoring and control system. The Hercules converter’s remarkable efficiency, reliability, and unique three-port design made it the perfect complement to the supercapacitor-powered solution. Furthermore, the Inview monitoring and control system played a crucial role in transmitting data for efficient centralized energy and building management.

247 Energy System with Hercules Inview and supercapacitors

Maximizing Efficiency and Sustainability: Benefits for the Logistic Company

Incorporating 247 Energy supercapacitors alongside CE+T Power’s Hercules converters delivered substantial advantages to the logistics company.

This solution greatly improved energy efficiency, facilitating rapid charging and discharging, essential for managing peak loads. Supercapacitors offered a safer and more dependable alternative to conventional batteries, with an extended lifespan and reduced maintenance requirements. Moreover, this innovation aligned with the client’s sustainability objectives by providing a greener, environmentally friendly energy storage solution. This advanced energy system not only met the logistics company’s immediate requirements but also set a precedent for future sustainability practices in the industry.

A Partnership Built on Innovation and Proximity

The choice of CE+T Power was driven by several factors. Firstly, the preference for local sourcing from Europe, specifically neighboring countries like Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany, for ease of communication and accessibility. Secondly, the impressive design of the Hercules system by CE+T, which minimized cabling work and offered efficient cooling, was a significant advantage. This collaboration was founded on shared values of innovation and quality.

Expanding Horizons

With the successful implementation of this project, 247 Energy and CE+T Power aim to extend their solutions to a wide range of sites belonging to this logistics company and others. This project serves as a stepping stone for future endeavors, showcasing the potential of 247 Energy supercapacitors in large-scale energy storage and management. This successful project opens the door for further implementation of CE+T Power’s technology in the logistics company’s network. It marks a significant step toward the widespread adoption of supercapacitors in the realm of energy storage and management.

Insight from 247: Embracing Innovation for a Sustainable Future

James Troch from 247 Energy comments on the collaboration: « CE+T Power’s approach was unique – not just in their product design but in their readiness to embrace our supercapacitors. It’s a leap towards greener, safer, and more efficient energy solutions. »

Leading the Charge with 247 Energy’s Supercaps and Smart Power Conversion

This collaboration between CE+T Power and 247 Energy exemplifies the transformative potential of supercaps when paired with advanced power conversion technology. It highlights CE+T Power’s commitment to driving innovation in the energy sector, paving the way for more efficient, reliable, and adaptable energy solutions.

As we reflect on the success of this project, it’s clear that the journey is far from over. CE+T Power is ready to take these innovations to new applications and regions around the world, offering energy-efficient, reliable, and sustainable solutions to meet the challenges of the future.

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