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Solution for living lab at Green Energy Park

Case study • 22.11 2022

Project overview

The Green Energy Park is a CO2-neutral, realistic living lab equipped with a large-scale electric grid, an ultra-low temperature heat grid and extensive electric mobility possibilities. It is the result of the collaboration between the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB – Free University of Brussels), the Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel (UZ Brussel – University Hospital of Brussels), the Energy Cluster Flux50, the municipality of Asse, the Flemish Government.

The CO2-Neutral Smart Multi Energy Grid is:

  • Large-scale: An electric capacity of up to 2 x 20 MW, a thermal capacity of 2 MW and an own, sustainable electricity production of up to 13MW, make large-scale research projects possible.
  • Multi-energy: All the different forms of energy are integrated with each other, making it possible to refine the interaction between the energy vectors.
  • Realistic: This is not a theoretical experiment. The various developments can be tested against the experiences of end users.

Challenges & Needs

As it is a living lab, the main challenge is to be as flexible as possible. The storage system should serve as a testing ground for a micro energy station that will allow to test different innovation projects against reality. Therefore, the tests performed will involve different loads, in AC or DC, with changing voltage needs. Finally, as this project aims at being CO2-Neutral, suppliers and partners involved in the project development must offer sustainable solutions.


Together with Automation, CE+T has developed a containerized turnkey solution.

The prefabricated container provided by Automation will include:

  • 5 Multidirectional converters, the Stabiliti 30C3 provided by CE+T
  • 384 kWh LiFePO4 battery, selected by CE+T
  • Power Management System (PMS) embedded into an Inview (CE+T monitoring & control)

Automation will be in charge of the integration of the total solution: power, cooling, fire detection and access control.

The solution consists in a 150kW cluster of Stabiliti 30C3 inverters that will charge and discharge the 384kWh large battery. Because they have a second port, these inverters can also integrate PV at the same time. In this way, the energy produced by the PV panels can be stored directly through the DC/DC conversion. This ensures less energy loss than DC/AC and AC/DC, and a compact design. With the third port, DC bus can be used to experiment fast charging of electric vehicles or other DC loads.

Why they chose us?

We are committed to ensuring that our solutions are efficient, flexible and sustainable.

Possibility of evolution: adaptability & flexibility

This infrastructure is designed to evolve in a laboratory environment where microgrid, islanding, solar integration and rapid DC charging tests will be possible. The 3-port inverters can build up different architectures in order to be able to develop and test smart new concepts. Our solution allows both hardware and software design to best adapt the configuration to the needs of Green Energy Park and its users.

Finally, the flexibility of the PMS also allows the software configuration to evolve to meet current and future needs.

Energy Management features

Because the 3 ports of these inverters are all bi-directional, the AC port can also supply energy to the AC-Grid. In this way, this solution can also contribute to grid stabilization services, time of use, peakshaving, intelligent optimized self-consumption. All these features are activated thanks to PMS features in the Inview that can be connected to various external EMS.

Moreover, the PMS is an in-house development that all companies within the CE+T Group are developing. This software is very modular and adaptable, making it easy to realize new developments.

Quality design & sustainability

All components of the solution have been selected for their functionality, but also for the quality of their materials and their durability.

The design of the prefabricated module by Automation has already earned its spurs from some of renowned customers. The design guarantees a long lifespan, robust construction and is resistant to the daily aggressions of the environment: sun, rain, snow, wind, dust, acids, … As a result, Automation and CE+T are proud on the “showcase” which allow Green Energy Park and Flux50 to use it for many years as professional « playground » for the various experiments.

Internal elements such as cooling, the various distribution/security cabinets, inverters, batteries and tools are placed to facilitate the use of the lab today and also tomorrow during the additions and adjustments you want to make during the tests.

Local stakeholders, proximity guaranteed

The PMS, the inverters and the enclosure are important tools and elements, essential for the test environment. It is therefore essential to have access to the right contacts, each specialized in his or her field and in a short period of time. We are all Belgian companies known and recognized for our reactivity.

Low noise & aesthetic solution

We have worked on the aesthetic appearance and low-noise execution. Both have a daily impact on the environment and the users. Our concept can be placed in an industrial or residential environment.

The flat walls offer basic design that can easily fit in a residential environment. The possibility to use cladding enables to meet specific urban requirement if necessary.

Another environmental aspect is the noise generated by the station. The use of specific attenuation material in the walls, roof and floor already limits the noise to a large extent. In addition, a special attenuation duct has been installed in the intake and discharge of the cooling air.

What’s for the future?

We did a Factory Acceptance Inspection (FAI) and the implementation of the solution in Zellik (Belgium). This containerized concept can be used in other environment involving microgrid such as Telecom and Industry sectors.

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