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Meet Daniel Peeters: Key Account Manager for Public Transport in Belgium and Luxembourg

Company life • 10.05 2024

In our ongoing series of getting to know the faces behind CE+T Power, we have the pleasure of conversing with Daniel Peeters, the dedicated Key Account Manager for public transport in Belgium and Luxembourg. Daniel opens up about his educational journey, professional path, and personal hobbies in this interview.

Daniel Peeters Key Account Manager for Public Transport in Belgium and Luxembourg

Could you share with us your educational background?

Daniel Peeters: “I studied maths and modern languages during my college years. Then, I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Electricity and Electronics. Furthermore, I speak different languages: English, French, Dutch, and German.

Where did you start working, and how did your career progress from there?

Daniel Peeters: “My career began at ATOS Engineering where I worked for nearly 20 years, I started working as a Technician and Production Assistant for electronic PCBS and controller cards used in motion controllers, particularly in precision robots. Over the years, I evolved into project and account management where I was responsible to find and develop my own projects, managing everything from start to finish.

You have worked for Jema, part of the CE+T Group. Could you elaborate on your experience there and how it led you to your current role?

Daniel Peeters: “Yes, I joined Jema, which is part of the CE+T Group. I gained valuable insights into the world of power electronics related to high power industrial applications and Big Science projects. This experience and my experience with power supplies in general prepared me well for my current role, where I’ll be primarily focused on serving clients in the public transport sector.

What drew you to the field of energy, and how had your experience shaped your understanding of the industry’s challenges?

Daniel Peeters: “Energy is a general point of interest for me. While it’s part of the job, it’s also more important than ever in today’s world. Understanding the complexities of energy transition and its impact on industries like public transport is essential in my role and the future projects.

Can you tell us about your experience working at CE+T?

Daniel Peeters: “Working at CE+T has been positive so far. The environment and people are welcoming. As I’m familiar with the company and its projects it makes it easier for me. It’s a period of discovery, but I’m confident about the direction we’re heading in.

What are your expectations for your role at CE+T?

Daniel Peeters: “My goal is to establish and expand strong relationships with the companies we work with in Belgium and Luxembourg, particularly in the public transport sector. My priority will be offering them quality services and solutions tailored to their needs.

What excites you about being a sales manager?

Daniel Peeters: “Meeting new people and companies, understanding their processes and challenges, and being able to provide them with solutions that contribute to the success of their projects and the partnership with CE+T.

Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

Daniel Peeters: “I enjoy a variety of sports, including running, mountain biking, basketball, and scuba diving. I also have a passion for technical work like 3D-design, boat building, and horology.

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