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Powering a Sustainable Future for the UAE

• 21.11 2023

Energizing a Sustainable UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), primarily dependent on the oil and gas sector, is at a pivotal moment in its energy transition journey. With a growing demand for electricity and a desire to reduce their carbon footprint, the UAE’s „Energy Strategy 2050“ charts a course towards a diversified energy mix, encompassing clean, nuclear, and renewable energy sources. The ambitious targets include 44% clean energy, 38% natural gas, 12% clean coal, and 6% nuclear energy. However, this transition poses several challenges where CE+T offers valuable solutions to assist in overcoming them.

Uncover the strategy behind UAE's energy mix diversification illustrated in this informative schema

The Solar Energy Potential

The UAE enjoys nearly 350 sunny days annually, with over 10 hours of sunlight daily, making it an ideal candidate for solar energy adoption. The government has actively supported solar energy initiatives, including the installation of solar panels. However, the intermittent nature of solar energy remains a hurdle.

CE+T’s multidirectional converters, such as Sierra, Hercules, and Stabiliti, coupled with advanced monitoring system, Inview, offer a transformative approach to solar energy utilization. These solutions seamlessly connect to solar panels, the grid, and batteries to optimize energy flows and efficiently harness solar energy, storing excess when needed.

As a concrete example, envision the application of Sierra and Inview X seamlessly connected to the grid and a genset as sources on the AC input side, with a battery on the DC port, and utilizing AC coupling to connect PV on the AC output side. In this scenario, the AC load is primarily powered by the PV source, utilizing the excess energy to charge the batteries when the sun is shining. This stored energy is then seamlessly utilized in case the energy from the PV panels is insufficient, ensuring a continuous and sustainable power supply.

This example captures only a glimpse of the various scenarios where CE+T can offer invaluable support.

Explore the effectiveness of CE+T's multidirectional converters through a comprehensive schema demonstration.

Paving the Way to Reduced Genset Dependency

In line with their commitment to reducing fossil fuel consumption and emissions, the UAE is exploring alternatives to gensets. As rules governing genset usage become stricter, CE+T’s solutions offer a lifeline. The „power boost“ functionality minimizes genset usage while maximizing the utilization of batteries and solar energy.

Example : In a construction site with a crane operating intermittently, requiring energy for tasks like startup and lifting, CE+T’s Hercules provides an efficient alternative. Hercules and Inview, connected to a genset, batteries, and PV panels, optimally uses battery energy during consumption peaks, like crane operation. This setup reduces reliance on the genset. Solar panels pre-charge the batteries, creating a tailored and efficient energy cycle for the construction site. These examples highlight CE+T’s solution versatility, adaptable to various applications.

Explore the effectiveness of CE+T's multidirectional converters through a comprehensive schema demonstration.

Electrifying the Future: Charging Electric Vehicles

The UAE faces an increasing demand for electricity driven by non-traditional sectors like electric vehicles (EVs). This rapid growth in EV adoption necessitates additional electricity generation and infrastructure development.

CE+T’s solutions empower the UAE to manage EV charging efficiently. They seamlessly connect to EV charging stations, prioritizing the use of solar energy and stored energy from batteries. By limiting grid usage, these solutions not only reduce costs and grid disturbances but also contribute to a more sustainable EV charging ecosystem. As an example, in a recent case, 4 charging stations (with 8 points of charges) integrated Stabiliti solutions to reduce peak grid demand, resulting in cost savings for both the station and the grid operator.

CE+T's innovative solutions empower the UAE to efficiently manage the increasing demand for electricity, driven by the surge in electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

Unlocking a Multitude of Applications for a Sustainable UAE

The UAE’s path toward a cleaner and diversified energy landscape is both ambitious and promising, with solar energy playing a pivotal role. CE+T’s multidirectional converters and energy management solutions serve as a key component for integrating solar power into the grid, optimizing energy usage, and ensuring a reliable power supply.

These examples illustrate just a fraction of the scenarios where CE+T can provide valuable assistance. As the UAE marches forward to reduce its carbon footprint and strengthen energy security, CE+T’s pioneering solutions stand ready to turn this vision into a reality. Their adaptive approach to energy management has positioned CE+T as a pivotal partner in realizing the UAE’s vision for a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

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