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Ceramic Ball Bearings Fan for extended product lifetime

Products • 09.06 2021

At CE+T Power, we are always looking to improve our products to better satisfy our customers. This is why we are gradually changing the type of fan inside our Bravo 10 and Sierra 10 modules to ceramic ball bearings fans. It brings many interesting advantages, such as:

No swap during the modules’ lifetime, therefore no maintenance is required
Long lifespan: the calculated fan MTBF is 100000 H at 40°C ambient and full speed.
– There is less wear and friction, which also reduces static electricity.
Resistant to harsh environment (heat, moisture, and dust) and is not affected by electrical corrosion.
Lower acoustic noise

All in all, the overall reliability and quality are improved.

Product information
Sierra 10
Product information
Bravo 10
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