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Meet Max Danesfeldt, Sales Manager for UK & Ireland

Team • 08.02 2024

Get to know Max, our new dynamic Sales Manager for the UK & Ireland. 

Meet Max Danesfelt, CE+T's Sales Manager for UK & Ireland

Tell us more about you

Could you tell us a bit about your academic background?

“My academic journey began with a focus on electrical and electronic engineering, a field that has always fascinated me. I furthered my education in this area, leading me to obtain a Master of Science in Engineering (MSE), with a specialization in electrical and electronic engineering. Later, I transitioned into the security industry, which also requires extensive education to become familiar with its various aspects.”

Where did your professional journey begin?

“My career path was set in motion at a young age. I started working at a local electrical store, which sparked my passion for electrical and electronic engineering. That experience laid the foundation for my future endeavours in the field.”

Can you give us some insight into your career progression?

“After earning my Master of Science in Engineering (MSE), I joined a major company named ABB Asea Brown, where I broadened my knowledge in various electrical installations. My burgeoning interest in security then led me to the security industry. This professional shift enabled me to acquire new skills, mastering diverse aspects of the security sector. My career has consistently been driven by a commitment to make the world a better place.

Are you particularly drawn to the world of energy?

Energy is fundamental to our daily lives, and I am deeply interested in the innovation and sustainable technologies focusing on energy management, transforming how we create and use energy. It’s a field that holds great importance to me.”

Starting at CE+T

How has your experience at CE+T been so far?

“From the very first day, I have had the pleasure of meeting wonderful colleagues and customers, both in the UK and beyond. So, yes, I am part of a fantastic team. Consequently, my start here has indeed been very positive.”

What are your expectations for your role here?

“With the rapid evolution of the grid infrastructure, particularly in EV and transport sectors, there’s a growing demand for sustainable energy solutions. My expectations? I’m very optimistic about our future, especially in terms of energy management.”

What is exciting about being a Sales Manager?

“For me, the excitement lies beyond the title. It’s about being part of a purpose-driven community. Traveling, meeting customers, collaborating with my team, and supporting our global customers – these aspects of my role bring me great joy.”

Lastly, can you share some of your hobbies with us?

“I’m an avid fly fisherman, and I enjoy all forms of outdoor activities, particularly those by the sea, which brings me great inner peace. I’m also keen on keeping fit, either at the gym or through cycling, and I love reading, exploring new places, and spending quality time with family and friends.”

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