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Alpha Innovations & CE+T

Company life • 02.05 2019

After the purchase of G.A.I. by CE+T Power in July 2018, CE+T holding has just signed the acquisition of Alpha Innovations. A new step in the company’s growth which already employs more than 250 people worldwide.

From left to right: Alberto Méndez Rodriguez, President of the Board of Alpha Innovations and Robert Eyben, CEO of CE+T Group

Who is Alpha Innovations?

Founded in 1954, Alpha Innovations has developed its expertise in the field of power conversion. The company offers solutions to supply and/or secure electrical power of critical applications. These solutions are made of CE+T Power’s inverters and rectifiers designed and manufactured by Alpha Innovations. Both companies have been working together for many years by integrating each other’s products in their solutions.

Nice references!

Active in the medical, rail, telecom and industrial markets, Alpha Innovations has renowned companies among its customers. Just to name some of them, GE, Baxter, Alstom, Siemens, Nokia, Proximus, Orange, KPN, Eneco and Engie have put their trust in this company. Alpha Innovations’ success comes from its know-how and its power supply solutions adapted to the specific needs of each application. Securing the Internet network, medical imaging equipment but also the signalling and communication in the railway sector are all examples of the diversity of the projects carried out.


A team of 40 people with specific skills in terms of industrial design, integration in electrical cabinets and supervision software is established in Louvain-la-Neuve. They all respect three fundamental values: innovation, quality and flexibility. All of them being shared by CE+T.

Why this acquisition?

Both companies are active in the telecom, rail and industrial markets. Even if they offer different (but complementary) solutions, Alpha Innovations and CE+T Power have the same mission: secure critical applications. Therefore, it seems logical that the companies get closer in order to establish synergies in terms of technical, commercial and operational matters.

At the end of 2018, Alpha Innovations had a turnover of 14 million euros and a confirmed order book, ensuring a good continuity for the years to come.

About CE+T

Since the 60’s, CE+T Power is specialised in the electrical power back up for critical applications. Located in Wandre (near Liège), the company has a turnover of more than 40 million euros and employs 250 people worldwide. The company has built its international reputation over the years, notably due to the winning of the Little Box Challenge organised by Google in 2016 (with an award of 1 million US$) and the label “Best Managed Companies” in 2018 by Deloitte.

CE+T holding then diversified itself by creating CE+T Energrid in 2017, a company specialised in the energy management (microgrid, energy storage…). In 2019, CE+T Energy Solutions was created in the United States in order to develop energy management and datacentres markets. With the acquisition of Alpha Innovations, the group definitively has a bright future ahead.

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