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The CE+T Energy Storage installation

• 25.11 2019

Green is not just a buzzword at CE+T. As we are more than convinced by energy storage solutions, it made sense to install ours. The first step is now completed with the installation of more than 250 kWp solar panels in our plant in Belgium.

Solar panels in Belgium


The energy storage systems for Commerce & Industries are the ideal solution to reduce the electricity bill, secure the power supply of critical equipment, optimize the use of the renewable energy production and sustain the grid. Nowadays, the grid becomes increasingly difficult to stabilize and the number of power outages in the future will only increase.

For all these reasons, we do believe in energy storage solutions. This is also why we created two companies in the Group specializing in this field: CE+T Energrid (for customers in Belgium and neighboring countries) and CE+T Energy Solutions (dedicated to the North American market).

And we decided to equip our Belgian site with our own storage installation.


First step (completed)

We first installed 800 solar panels on the roof of our plant in Wandre (Belgium) to complete the existing installation. These solar panels, along with our solar tracker, have a total production capacity of 230 kVA. About 225 MWh of energy should be produced each year. You can watch this installation in the video below:

Second step (in progress)

We are now finalizing the installation of four modular power converters (named Hercules) and batteries. By combining all these components with an Energy Management System (EMS), we will benefit from a complete Energy Storage installation.


CE+T is now even more eco-responsible with the capacity to produce 225 MWh of energy each year, which corresponds to 60% of our annual electricity consumption in Belgium. Once the second stage is operational, we can increase our self-consumption (consuming our green energy) and reduce our peaks. As a consequence, our energy bill will also be significantly reduced. We will share more details about this installation in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

In the meantime, do not hesitate to learn more about our solutions dedicated to energy management or contact us for more details.

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