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Upgrading Telecom Power Solutions in Cochabamba

Case study • 25.03 2024

CE+T Power, in collaboration with Amper, our partner in Bolivia, has developed a project in Cochabamba a city in central Bolivia for a regional telecom operator. This case study highlights the journey towards a more reliable, efficient, and scalable power solution, tailor-made for an upgrade of a telecom installation.

Challenges: Efficiency and Space Constraints

For the end-customer, the imperative was twofold: to upgrade their power setup, crucial for maintaining uninterrupted internet services, while navigating the limitations of their operational environment. The goal was to enhance the infrastructure powering essential central servers without increasing the operational footprint—an endeavor that required a solution both integrative and space-efficient.

Complicating this objective was the timing of the upgrade, coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic. This situation imposed stringent constraints on the number of staff that could be present on-site.

From Monolithic to Modular

Previously, the telecom operator relied on a monolithic, oversized UPS system operating at notably low efficiency, which necessitated highly specialized engineers for maintenance and service. By transitioning to the CE+T modular inverter system with a high degree of granularity, the customer simplified their power solution, easing maintenance demands. Compared to the traditional UPS, the modular inverter system requires simpler and fewer spare parts, offers straightforward redundancy, and boasts a significantly reduced Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).

The Solution : Compact, Modular, and Reliable

Through a collaborative effort with Amper, CE+T Power devised a solution that not only meets the need for additional storage capacity but does so in a remarkably compact form. The Bravo ECI 48/230 system, configured in a 3-phase setup and delivering 3kVA per module, embodies efficiency in design.

Amper and CET project for telecom operator

As part of the modular inverter range, the solution stands out for:

  • Streamlined Expansion: Its modularity supports effortless scalability and customization, catering to the dynamic needs of the telecommunications operator.
  • Compactness: The system significantly surpasses its predecessors in space efficiency, ensuring that enhancing power infrastructure doesn’t necessitate more room—instead, it occupies even less.
  • Simplified Maintenance: Equipped with hot-swappable modules, the system boasts a low Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), facilitating easier upkeep.

This solution was meticulously engineered to integrate with the operator’s current infrastructure while prioritizing high availability, security, and simplified maintenance, meeting the rigorous requirements of telecommunications operations.

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Outcomes That Define Success

The project’s execution stood as a testament to excellence, achieving flawless operation, even in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic’s operational constraints. This achievement highlighted CE+T’s unwavering dedication to delivering superior quality and innovative solutions, paving the way for potential expansion initiatives throughout Cochabamba.

From installation to ongoing operation, the process was characterized by seamless integration, no failure reported and notable enhancements in efficiency. The telecommunications operator now enjoys the advantages of a power solution that is not only scalable but also primed to support their anticipated growth, underscoring the project’s comprehensive success.

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