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Powering the Future: The Continuous Alliance of A2B and CE+T

Company life • 20.03 2024

From a single device dating back to 1998, still operational today, to a dedicated commitment to navigating the currents of energy management, the collaborative journey of CE+T and A2B is a captivating trip through time and technology.

Join us as we sit down with Peter Svolik, newly promoted Technical Director of A2B, and Philippe Grandfils, Key Account Manager for CE+T in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Together, they will unfold the narrative of a collaboration that began more than two decades ago, characterized by a shared dedication to reliability and customer-centric solutions.

Could you tell me about your company and its services?

Peter: “The company A2B was established in 1996, over 25 years ago, by two passionate individuals. Our collaboration with CE+T began in 1998, initially focusing on inverters for telecommunications. This pictures below illustrates our company’s history, featuring some legacy devices. Another historical item is one of the old inverters, the DCI, supplied to telecommunications companies.

Philippe: « Indeed, it’s still functional. Surprisingly, we just received a request for this inverter, highlighting its reliability despite its age. It has, of course, been phased out years ago. »

A2B installation of CE+T equipement examples

What services does A2B offer?

Peter: “If I were to encapsulate our company in one word, it would be ‘continuity.’ We prioritize our customers and the uninterrupted functioning of their power, offering consistent services. Initially, we focused on telecommunications equipment and operators, maintaining contacts with all four operators in Slovakia. Beyond these, we collaborate with entities like banks, power plants, transformer stations, railways, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and occasionally military applications. Our goal is to provide reliable power continuously to anyone in need in our country.

What type of project initiated your collaboration with CE+T?

Peter: “Primarily, 99% of our projects were related to inverters for telecommunication applications. This has since evolved to include a variety of applications in electrical substations or on highways, using customized outdoor cabinets for backup.”

Does your experience with CE+T meet your expectations?

Peter: “Yes. I’ve observed that your products are not only adaptable to various applications but also resilient under extreme conditions, whether it’s freezing, boiling, dusty, or humid environments. These features are particularly crucial for our specialized applications and have certainly met my expectations in terms of performance and reliability.

Moreover, at the last partner forum, I overheard a conversation that really resonated with me. Someone was remarking to his wife about the impressive events hosted by your company. This is a clear testament to your ability to create and maintain customer relationships. »

Peter Svolik, Philippe Grandfils and A2B team member.

What do you envision for your future with CE+T?

Peter: “We’re transitioning from TSI technology and embracing the next generation. It’s our responsibility to learn how to set them up correctly and integrate them into projects. There are opportunities ahead, but our focus is on learning and application.

Philippe, would you like to add any insights?

Phillippe: “I believe our future collaboration will heavily involve energy storage and management. CE+T offers a range of products, like the Sierra, Hercules, Flexa, and Stabiliti, which can integrate renewables. We’re encouraging our partners to learn about these areas, as the approach to backup and energy management differs fundamentally in philosophy.”

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