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Empowering Innovation: An Interview with our Partner Al-Dhow

Company life • 20.02 2024

In the bustling heart of Kuwait, we began a modest journey with Al-Dhow, a journey that would weave a tapestry of collaboration over ten remarkable years. Our tale, rooted in building technologies, unfolded into a myriad of projects across diverse sectors.

Join us today for an exclusive insight with Reegil George, Al-Dhow’s Product Manager, as he unfolds the captivating story behind our collaboration.

Al Dhow partner of CE+T interview meet the partner

Could you elaborate on the primary business activities and services offered by Al-Dhow?

“Established in 2006 in Kuwait, Al-Dhow is a dynamic force across the GCC in industrial, commercial, and architectural projects. Our decade-long journey is defined by unwavering trust with clients, a cornerstone of our strength and success.

Al-Dhow operates through eight specialized business units: Industrial Services, Lighting, Interiors, Project management and Consultancy, Building Technologies, Energy, Logistics, Food and Beverages.

Our diversified portfolio and commitment to innovation mark us as a leader in our fields, trusted by our clients.”

Could you share the story of how your collaboration with CE+T began?

“For over a decade, our relationship with CE+T has evolved. Initially, our cooperation was indirect. We first used their inverters with our DC system which opened our eyes to CE+T’s product potential. In 2016 or 2017, we took the leap to engage directly with CE+T. Our big move was introducing their inverter technology to the oil and gas sector’s telecom applications, transitioning them from standalone UPS systems to more efficient modular UPS. This shift not only proved cost-effective but also eliminated single point of failure in larger solutions, marking a significant success. Since then, our collaboration has flourished, extending our reach to Internet Services Providers (ISPs), mobile operators and Defence further cementing our partnership with CE+T.”

What types of projects initiated your collaboration with CE+T?

“Our collaboration with CE+T began in the Telecom sector, addressing this market need for both AC and DC loads. We integrated CE+T inverters alongside existing DC rectifiers to manage their AC loads. Since the inception of our partnership, we have consistently used CE+T products without shifting to other manufacturers or technologies.

I’d like to highlight a specific system we developed using CE+T technology. It includes independent three-phase or single-phase inverter and rectifier for AC and -48V DC load. These comprehensive cabinets were successfully delivered to the oil and gas sector.

Another significant project involved the installation of a set of 640KVA modular UPS batteries in a major data center of mobile telecom company.

We also undertook a retrofitting project, where we replaced obsolete inverter with CE+T inverters in existing cabinets. This adaptation utilized the cabinets and few common components, allowing us to seamless transition to a system with six 36KVA single-phase CE+T inverters system.”

Is your experience with CE+T meeting your expectations?

“Absolutely, our ongoing partnership with CE+T is anchored in their unique technology, which is a key reason for our continued collaboration. This strategic partnership enables us to deliver products and services at the forefront of modern practices and technology. It’s this cutting-edge advantage that truly defines and benefits our partnership with CE+T.”

What are the reasons for your satisfaction?

“The quality and growth of CE+T products are truly exceptional. Whenever we incorporate CE+T products into our projects, we met with a technology that is distinct and to the best of our knowledge unmatched in offering solutions.

The performance is consistently outstanding, with remarkable operational characteristics. Reliability is at its peak, as there have been no malfunctions and the modularity ensures there is no single point of failure. This results in a highly dependable power supply for critical applications. CE+T products offer a comprehensive set of features, including remote and local monitoring, customization options, alarms, and more, adding significant value to our projects.

The serviceability aspect is another distinct advantage. Thanks to the modular nature of CE+T solutions, major failures are virtually non-existent. In the rare event of a failure, our ability to replace hot-swappable modules without downtime ensures minimal impact on our customers’ critical loads. This serviceability is further complemented by the scalability of the solution. In cases of increased load demands, we can effortlessly expand the system using our technical experts, additional shelves, modules, and capacity adjustments tailored to customer requirements.”

What do you envision for your future collaboration with CE+T?

“Our future plan involves delivering integrated power solutions tailored to meet evolving demands in the rapidly advancing field of energy technology. As the landscape of technology evolves swiftly, we recognize the need to educate people about these innovations.

Our goal is to switch clients from conventional standalone UPS systems to the cutting-edge CE+T technology, harnessing the benefits of multidirectional technology and the array of new products available. We are actively working to promote these products to our customers, recognizing the exciting opportunities they present.”

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