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Modular UPS

Reliable and flexible modular UPS for every requirement.

Every customer is different.

That is why we designed building blocks to integrate into custom systems. Everything else is possible.

You can then benefit from a standardized and proven converter that best fits your particular case.

Large systems

Securing IT loads with the highest conversion efficiency is everyone’s wish.
Our Smart By-Pass topology (SBP), provides a 98% conversion efficiency (1) until the grid goes down or exceeds tolerances. It then switches instantly to the UPS (2) to provide pure and secure power to IT loads.

In addition, our Flexa range offers incredible flexibility for single-phase or three-phase infrastructures, ranging from 20 kW to 640 kW, industrial protection up to IP54, etc.

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Reliability is the first requirement for every UPS solution. To guarantee this, we designed our solutions with specific features:

  • No master/slave configuration;
  • Redundant communication BUS;
  • Compliant with the IPC959B standard;
  • Boost to disconnect faulty loads;
  • Save batteries;

Solutions for everyone

What are the possibilities?

  • Output power: from 20 kW to 640 kW;
  • Phases: 3P to 3P, 3P to 1P;
  • Industrial protections: from IP20 to IP54;
  • Access: front, rear, bottom or top;
  • Infrastructure: new or existing cabinets.

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