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A Year to Remember: Highlights of 2023 and New Goals for 2024

Company life • 21.12 2023

Can you believe how swiftly 2023 has flown by? As we welcome the new year, we invite you to join us for a journey through our past year’s successes and into our goals for 2024.

CE+T Best Wishes for 2024

Blossoming Success

The launch of our new subsidiary in Australia perfectly introduced the beginning of 2023. Our goal was to gain a deeper understanding of the Australian market. Nine months and three major contracts later, this strategy has proven to be immensely successful.

Our expansion ambitions did not stop in Australia: Two investors have infused 10 million into our company and we also extended toward Germany, with Gertek’s acquisition of SAS-Jonatat.

Expertise, Dedication, and Recognition: A Celebration of Excellence

Throughout the year, a multitude of case studies have vividly illustrated the exemplary, creative, and inspiring applications of our power solutions. Spanning diverse sectors, from the dynamic world of film to the fast-evolving field of E-mobility, and the robust universe of construction sites, fuel cell integration, off-grid sites, to name just a few. Each application has not only demonstrated our versatility but also underscored our dedicated pursuit of innovation.

And this dedication has truly paid off! CE+T has, for the third year in a row, been honoured with the prestigious Gold Label at the Best Managed Company ceremony, brilliantly organized by Deloitte. This accolade celebrates our outstanding management practices.

Tech in Motion: The Continuous Evolution of Our Products

As 2023 unfolds, Santa has delivered early at CE+T. We indeed launched two revolutionary products in the past fortnight: the Sierra XC 10 – 48/230 and the Stabiliti 30C3-CE. The Sierra XC is engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions, while the Stabiliti has been enhanced to provide unparalleled flexibility and scalability with its two DC ports and one AC port.

Moreover, specific versions of the Sierra, Stabiliti, and Hercules solutions have earned the prestigious Grid-Interactive certification. This certification promotes a harmonious exchange between prosumers and the grid, thereby enhancing grid stability.

Furthermore, Inview 6 has marked a significant milestone. This updated software offers superior energy flow monitoring and, to sweeten the deal, boasts an upgraded touchscreen interface for an even more intuitive user experience.

Economic Odyssey: The Story of Our Global Ventures

CE+T 2023 presence on exhibitions, conference and seminars

In 2023, CE+T’s journey spanned the globe, marking its presence from the vibrant streets of Barcelona to the dynamic skyline of Dubai, with significant engagements in Germany and the historic charm of Rome.

Beyond Booths and Displays: Our Exhibition Experiences

Perhaps you were among the many who experienced our cutting-edge solutions first-hand at various prestigious exhibitions. These events included the:

  • MWC 2023, in Barcelona, Spain,
  • Verkosto, with our partner Elcon Solutions Oy, in Tampare, Finland,
  • Middle East Energy 2023, in Dubai, UAE,
  • EES Europe, in Munich, Germany,
  • IITEX Expo 2023, in Hyderabad, India,
  • WETEX Dubai Solar Show, in Dubai, UAE.

Global Dialogues: 2023 Key Conferences and Seminars

Has your focus shifted more towards conferences and seminars this year? That’s fantastic to hear! At CE+T, we share your enthusiasm for these platforms as invaluable hubs for deep learning and networking. Let’s highlight some of the key conferences and seminars we’ve been a part of:

  • CIRED, in Rome,
  • IBC23, in Amsterdam,
  • Solar Solutions Seminar, in Courtrai,
  • 14th Global Workshop on Energy and Climate Change, in Brazil,

Chronicles of Our Economic Mission Adventures

This year, we also actively participated in various economic missions, including those in the United Arab Emirates, Greece, and Australia.

Curious about where CE+T will be making its mark next?
Check our upcoming events

Save the best for last: our valued partners and colleagues

The Partner Forum: Celebrating Collaboration with Our Esteemed Partners

We proudly hosted the Partner Forum, an event that unfolded over three exhilarating and action-packed days at our headquarters. This exclusive, invitation-only gathering brought our partners together to delve deeply into the latest market trends and explore our cutting-edge solutions. It was a forum of discovery and forward-thinking collaboration.

Fostering a Positive and Fulfilling Work Environment for Our Employees and Team Members

This year, our company’s spirit was further energized through various team-building activities, participation to the 15km of Liège, visit of Saint-Nicholas, our annual employee dinner.

Amidst these team-building activities, we took a significant step to evolve our company culture. We collectively chose a new set of core values that will guide CE+T’s future. These values are inclusivity, integrity, sustainability, and creativity, each chosen to reflect our commitment to a progressive, responsible, and innovative workplace.

Certainly, these achievements and celebrations would not have been possible without the dedication of our team.

Charting a Course for Success: Establishing Ambitious Goals for 2024

As outlined in our 2023 objectives, a key goal for CE+T remains the continued development and solidification of our presence in the energy management sector. This year, we take pride in the significant strides we’ve made in enhancing our capabilities.
However, our ambition doesn’t stop here. We are committed to advancing our technology even further, aiming to fully grasp and address the complexities of the current sustainable energy market. This ongoing effort reflects our dedication to innovation and leadership in this critical field.

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