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CE+T Secures €10 Million Investment for Energizing the Energy Transition Market

Company life • 16.10 2023

CE+T Group has reached a significant milestone by securing €10 million in investments. This substantial infusion of capital, made possible by the Federal Holding and Investment Company (SFPIM) and the Belgian subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Equity, heralds a new era of growth for the company.

Since its creation, CE+T Group has been at the forefront of energy optimization solutions. Cutting-edge and innovative solutions cater to a wide range of sectors, including energy conversion, healthcare, public transport, green energy, and metal recycling. The global reach extends across seven production sites and an equal number of research and development centers, ensuring that clients receive tailored solutions that meet their energy needs.

A Win-Win for Clients and Partners

The €10 million investment marks a turning point for CE+T Group and, in turn, its clients and partners. Here’s why it’s great news for them:

  • Innovation Acceleration: The additional resources will allow CE+T to expedite innovation, resulting in even more cutting-edge solutions for clients. This means enhanced solutions and services that cater to specific energy requirements, making CE+T an even more valuable partner.
  • Strengthened Commitment: With the backing of SFPIM and Crédit Mutuel Equity, CE+T’s long-term commitment to its clients and partners is fortified. This investment ensures a steady stream of resources that will enable CE+T to meet its clients’ and partners’ needs, even more efficiently.
  • Enhanced Growth Opportunities: The funds will not only support organic growth but also facilitate acquisitions and investment in associated technologies. This means that clients and partners can expect more extensive collaborations and access to emerging technologies, bolstering their own growth prospects.

A Win-Win for CE+T and Society

While the clients and partners undoubtedly benefit from this investment, CE+T as a company and society at large also reap the rewards:

  • Sustainable Growth: CE+T’s ambitious roadmap for energy transition aligns perfectly with today’s global emphasis on sustainability. The investments provide CE+T with the necessary resources to realize these ambitions, leading to more sustainable and efficient energy solutions.
  • Expanded Horizons: The partnership with SFPIM and Crédit Mutuel Equity will enable CE+T to penetrate new markets and integrate new technologies. This translates to broader offerings, contributing to the growth of the company and benefiting society through technological advancements.
  • Global Vision: The increasing international nature of CE+T opens doors for global collaborations and shared expertise. This enhances the company’s reputation and allows it to be a key player in the worldwide energy transition movement.


CE+T’s successful acquisition of €10 million in investments is a testament to its dedication to innovation and sustainable energy solutions. The implications of this investment go beyond the company’s own growth and extend to its clients, partners, and society as a whole. With enhanced innovation, commitment, and growth prospects, CE+T is poised to continue its journey as a pioneer in the energy sector, creating a brighter and more sustainable future for all stakeholders involved.

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Learn more about our new investors
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