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Multidirectional Converters

One converter to secure AC & DC loads and charge batteries, and many more!

A revolution!

Sierra is the world’s first fully bidirectional power converter.

The three ports (two AC and one DC) built into each module can all function as input and output.

This means that you can use it to secure AC and DC loads and charge batteries at the same time. And much more!

How it works?

At the heart of each module, there is a DC energy buffer. It uses the energy that comes, whatever its source, to feed what needs it.

The total output power is shared live between the loads and the batteries:

It’s that simple!
No configuration is required, you are totally autonomous.


Sierra is the ideal solution to secure AC & DC loads. In a changing world, no one can predict what kind of load will be used in the near future. Avoid risks by choosing the most flexible solution.

Sierra can also be used for:

  • inject energy into the grid,
  • easily connect renewable energies,
  • perform peak shavings or phase balancing,
  • recover the energy of the loads.

Many innovative solutions are also possible using a shared DC distribution.

Solution for data center (videos)
Power Fusion
Solution for 5G
Metro Grid

Small or Big?

To perfectly size your installation, we have designed two different power converters: Sierra 10 for small loads and Sierra 25 for larger ones.

In a standard 19″ shelf, we can secure:

  • Up to 6 kW in 1U high with Sierra 10;
  • Up to 10.8 kW in 2U high with Sierra 25.

Many configurations are possible. Just tell us what you need.

Not yet convinced?

There are so many features that you can not believe it is possible?
Watch our demonstration video.

We will also be pleased to invite you to our showrooms in Belgium, the United States or India.


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