ECI, the future of power conversion

CE+T Power is proud to announce its brand new Enhanced Conversion Innovation (ECI) technology.

ECI combines three high-efficiency energy converters and an energy buffer within a single module, offering a vast range of power conversion configurations for critical systems with up to 96% (ac/ac) and 94% (dc/ac & ac/dc) efficiency.

ECI is the latest evolutionary development from CE+T Power; for many years, we have been the industry-leading supplier of power conversion and power backup technology, including our Twin Sine Innovation (TSI) products.




Please meet our new technology : the Enhanced Conversion Innovation (ECI)


Flexibility: ECI technology brings unprecedented efficiency, optimised availability and high power density to any conceivable power conversion scenario. Users can set up each conversion stage to work in either one or two directions, depending on the host product’s intended use.

This means that each power port - ACIN, DCIN and ACOUT – can be configured in uni- or bidirectional mode, for use in inverters, UPSs, multi-conversion platforms or any other application as required.

AC Source

  • Wide AC input 150 to 265 Vac
  • Active power factor correction
  • Fully bidirectional converter
  • 0 mS transfer time to DC in case of AC input failure


  • 94% DC/AC efficiency with double isolation
  • Fully bidirectional converter
  • DC batteries VRLA, NiCd, Liion
  • Ultracap
  • Fuel cells
  • Optional MPPT for direct connection to solar panel


Short circuit peak 10xIn for 20 mS on ACin
3xIn on DC/AC for 20 mS



Redundant com bus
32 modules in parallel on the same bus
  • Pure sine output
  • Stabilized +/- 1%
  • Fully bidirectional converter
  • 0 leading to 0% lagging


Efficiency: ECI delivers 94% isolated DC/AC conversion efficiency – the best on the market. It also provides 96% AC/AC conversion efficiency, with a unity input power factor.


Availability and redundancy: ECI, like TSI, eliminates the static switch and also any single point of failure. Up to 32 modules can be paralleled on a single bus, allowing highly granular redundancy. Hot swappability minimises repair time, further improving availability.


Lifetime cost-effective solution: ECI’s incremental modularity means you can size your power protection according to your load, and scale it as it grows – no wasted capital or space. Operating costs are minimised too, due to ECI’s electrical efficiency and zero maintenance requirements.

Its main benefits you should be aware of

Peace of Mind

  • No Single Point of Failure
  • Failure containment (high short circuit clearance 10xIn)
  • Grid disturbances rejection
  • Transfer time = 0 ms
  • Permanent double conversion

Outstanding User Experience

  • Flexibility
  • Module weight
  • Modularity
  • Hot swappability
  • Customers never step back to another solution once they’ve tried ECI

Invest in more data, not more power 

  • Power density
  • Diminished upstream circuit sizing
  • Diminished cooling infrastructure sizing
  • Ease of installation
  • Large panel of solutions

 Lower your TCO

  • High Efficiency  in AC and DC mode !
  • No maintenance contracts
  • Hot swapability
  • Power factor = 1

Trouble Free 

  • Selectivity (high short circuit current)
  • Overload
  • Failure containment
Any power conversion scenario 
you might think of! 
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