Data Center

Secured power for cloud, colocation or on-premise data centers of all sizes.

Edge Computing

IoT, AI, AR or VR all require less latency and more bandwidth. For that, a containerized all-in-one solution located close to the users is certainly the best way to work.

To secure critical AC equipment, we offer a range of flexible Modular UPS solutions.

For applications that also require DC loads, we have developed the first Multidirectional Converter, Sierra. Sierra is able to secure both AC & DC loads with a single module (saving space) that automatically adapts to installed loads.

Modular UPS
Secure AC
Multidirectional Converters
Secure AC & DC

Pure Innovation

Power Fusion is an all-in-one solution located above or below IT racks. It mixes energy from different sources and loads via a 400 Vdc distribution (in blue):

The interest is a pay-as-you-grow solution that saves space for IT, increases overall availability, reduces costs (by avoiding oversized infrastructure and by shaving peaks), and provides a simple way to add renewable energy.

Here is what our solution might look like (customization is possible to adapt to other locations, load consumption, backup time, etc.):

Power Fusion

UPS reinvented

Securing IT loads with the highest conversion efficiency is everyone’s wish.
Our Smart By-Pass topology (SBP), provides a 98% conversion efficiency (1) until the grid goes down or exceeds tolerances. It then switches instantly to the UPS (2) to provide pure and secure power to IT loads.

In addition, our Flexa range offers incredible flexibility for single-phase or three-phase infrastructures, ranging from 20 kW to 640 kW, industrial protection up to IP54, etc.

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Add renewable energies

Our modular inverters are ideal for securing AC loads in data centers with IT loads powered by DC (Open Compute Project or not). Our inverters provide a pure AC power using the existing DC infrastructure with our patented three ports technology.
Our multidirectional converters allow the connection to renewable either on the AC or DC side, or both.

Even when the grid is not present, you can take advantage of your PV, maximize auto-consumtion and store excess of energy from your PV.

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