Power & Utilities

Your job is to produce, transport and distribute energy to the users.
Ours is to secure your equipment to get there.


The production of energy, whatever its source (nuclear, wind, hydraulic, solar or fossil), has something in common: it uses critical equipment to manage the process.

Our power backup solutions secure these critical devices; such as control electronics in wind turbines or control rods in nuclear plants.

Because your installations cannot stop, we design perfectly reliable solutions. Access to your sites is not always that easy for security reasons, so we minimize maintenance.

Transport & distribution

The transportation and distribution of electricity are becoming more and more complex. With the new renewable sources, the stabilization of the grid is a real challenge.

We provide solutions to power and secure all the equipment you need throughout your transportation infrastructure.

Our customers are both TSOs (transmission system operators; high-voltage) and DSOs (distribution system operations; medium to low-voltage).

Grid support

Our multidirectional converters coupled with our monitoring solutions and batteries are helping in the grid stabilization. How? First, because our modules are certified grid-interactive, meaning they can inject power to the grid when there is not enough energy. Secondly, our systems can be aggregated into the Balancing Market, leveraging their bidirectional capabilities to participate in both secondary and tertiary reserves, effectively mitigating imbalances.

Our products are certified

Shared energy

Another way our solutions are helping the power utilities is their ability to connect multiple companies to share their local and renewable energies. As a consequence, these companies increase their self-consumption of renewable sources, avoid peaks consumption and relieve the grid.

Alone or with other companies, you can increase the self-consumption of your renewable sources and shave your peaks consumption to significantly reduce your energy bill.

Off-grid solutions

With our solutions, the end-users are able to be completely independent from the grid. It can be a permanent or intermittent situation. Therefore, if the grid has not enough energy to supply all its users, our solutions enable some of them to limit or avoid grid usage for a certain period of time.

Want to contribute to grid stability?
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