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Discover our new range of monitoring & control solutions and enter a new era!
Inview Monitoring and Control

Monitor & Control your entire infrastructure, be informed in case of issues, save on your electricity bill with energy management, minimise maintenance expenditures, and leverage the possibilities of IoT & Big Data.

This is what Inview can do for you!

Inview, local monitoring

With Inview, you can monitor and control your entire infrastructure. This solution collects data from multiple devices, power converters, batteries (via their BMS) and IoT sensors to create a single power management system (PMS) for customers.

Inview - Schema general

With Inview, you can, among other things:

  • View and analyze your infrastructure live or via data records and charts
  • Be instantly notified in case of events or thresholds
  • Activate energy management functionalities to reduce your energy bill, increase your self-consumption and shave your peak consumptions and many other advanced power management features
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Inview Mesh, multi-sites monitoring

Interconnect your sites to monitor, manage and control all devices of your infrastructure on a single platform. In the Cloud or on-premise, Inview Mesh collects, centralizes, process and structure datas, alarms and events.

Inview Mesh - Schema


With Inview Mesh you can, among other things:

  • Plan your maintenance easily with remote monitoring, control and management of all devices
  • Connect many devices with the open and flexible platform or customization
  • Optimize your energy use by interacting with BMS and EMS

Inview Sentinel, service to support your infrastructure

CE+T is offering integrated service operation that assures continuous supervision and advanced troubleshooting with active spare delivery. How ?

  • All the data from customer’s site are collected and sent to Inview Mesh
  • Our 24/7 team supervises the dashboards and alarms
  • If a component is faulty, we send directly on-site the spare part

A great service ensuring the peace of mind of our customers!

Inview Sentinel - Schema

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