Power Supply for Industrial Applications

In today’s world, industrial applications (Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Transportation, etc.) can't afford to be shutdown or even suffer a minimal loss of power, be it for safety or economic reasons!

Whether you want to secure the power of a rail network's signalization, a pipeline's control stations, an airport' runway or tower, a manufacturing plant's PLC, ... CE+T Power solutions will give you the required efficiency, availability, scalability and operational flexibility that will ensure cost optimizations!

In addition, regardless of the type of power present in your infrastructure and the type of power needed to secure your critical loads, CE+T Power’s inverters and modular UPS' will bring you the best cost/efficiency ratio on the market without giving up on sturdiness, compactness and scalability.

If you have an existing DC infrastructure, our Industrial Inverters will allow you to leverage it and to feed high quality current to your AC load.

When the Grid is your only power source, our Industrial Modular UPS solutions will bring you the efficiency and quality you need at an affordable price!

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