Industrial Inverters

Leveraging the existing DC infrastructure

Whenever DC power is present and your AC loads are not outgrowing the DC needs, industrial inverters are the most cost effective solution to secure your critical AC applications.

Whatever the output power range (from 500Va to 225kVA) and whatever your DC input voltage (24Vdc, 48Vdc, 60Vdc, 110Vdc, 220Vdc), CE+T Power's industrial inverters will provide you with a pure and stabilized AC power with an efficiency up to 96%.

Furthermore, all CE+T Power Inverter solutions meet the IP20 requirements, but we can customize them to meet up to the IP55 standard!

Thanks to the full modularity and redundancy of our TSI based industrial inverters range, we can secure your load from 500VA up to 225kVA!

  • Veda, a 500VA modular inverter,  will be the most effective and economic solution up to 4000VA
  • For similar but space limited cabinets, Nova (750VA) will be the best choice
  • Mid- to high-power systems will be served better with our Media (1500VA) modular inverter
  • Bravo (2500 VA) will allow you to build medium to large systems, up to 225kVA

Voltage availability

Input 120Vac (In/Out) 230Vac (In/Out)
24Vdc   Bravo (1500 VA)
48Vdc MediaBravo VedaNovaMediaBravo
60Vdc   Bravo
110Vdc   Bravo
220Vdc   Bravo


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