Industrial Modular UPS

If there is no DC infrastructure or the power needed for the AC load is too high, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) will be the best solution to secure business' critical AC loads.

CE+T Power's AGIL line of modular UPS will bring you high efficiency, scalability, battery sustainability, and many other benefits without the typical disadvantages of other UPS offerings such as high maintenance costs, shortened battery life cycle, ...

Standardized yet modular solutions

The Agil Modular UPS will cover your power needs from 20kVA to 640kVA with 3 different cabinet-based solutions:

  • Agil 60 will be the ideal solution if you never expect your load to exceed 60kVA
  • Agil 160, allowing up to 160kVA in just one cabinet!
  • Agil 640 is the ultimate solution for loads up to 640kVA
Which model best fits your needs?
AGIL 60 AGIL 160 AGIL 640

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