Modular Inverters


An inverter is an electrical device that converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) ... and this has been CE+T Power's core competency since more than 20 years!

We are able to offer a hot swappable modular concept with full & true redundancy (thanks to a precise containment of failures).

These are the key benefits that allow CE+T Power's inverters to meet the company's Value Proposition.

General Characteristics

CE+T Power's inverter range can cover your AC backup needs from 500Va up to 225kVA with only four types of modules!

CE+T Power's inverters meet a broad range of technical specifications

  • ACout : 230V or 120V
  • Efficiency : ranging from 92% to 96%

Voltage availability

Input 120Vac (In/Out) 230Vac (In/Out)
24Vdc   Bravo (1500 VA)
48Vdc Media, Bravo Veda, Nova, Media, Bravo
60Vdc   Bravo
110Vdc   Bravo
220Vdc   Bravo

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