Bravo ECI 48/230 Inverter

Bravo ECI 48/230 Modular InverterBravo ECI 28/230

BRAVO is a compact and scalable modular inverter providing a pure sine wave AC supply. In conjunction with a DC Power system, it provides an excellent AC backup solution. It uses the latest inverter technology, providing superior energy efficiency in a compact size.

The ECI technology eliminates all single points of failure with full scalability; up to 32 modules in parallel and high efficiency with up to 96 % in AC to AC conversion, and up to 94% in DC/AC conversion, hence reducing operating costs. 

  • High efficiency (DC to AC up to 94%) Compact designBravo ECI 28/230
  • Dual input sources (AC & DC) 
    with a wide AC input range of 150 Vac up to 265 Vac Transfer time reduced to 0
  • up to 12kVA in 2 U
  • up to 90 kVA in one cabinet with distribution. Possibility to go up to 800 kW with parallel operation


All business' critical applications and all types of AC loads. The design is modular and scalable with hot swappable inverter modules which ensure low Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), a reduction in service costs and meet the changing needs for future expansion. 

Specific Technical Characteristics

Bravo ECI 28/230 Tower
Nominal output power / current 3000VA / 13A
Nominal DC input current  per Module (at 48Vdc) 53.2A
Max DC input current  per Module (15s at 48Vdc) 66.5A
Efficiency in EPC mode (AC to AC) 96%
Efficiency DC/AC on battery >93.5%
AC input range  (derating below 190Vac) 150Vac – 265VAC
Operating T° -20°C / +40°C (derating up to 65°C)
Supervision T2S Ethernet monitoring unit



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