Media : 1.5kVA Inverter

1500VA Modular Inverter

Media will help you cope with mid-range output power needs, it includes :

  • Wide AC input 150VAC-265VAC
  • No need of external static Switch (all STS functions included in each module)
  • 96% efficiency in EPC mode (AC to AC double conversion)
  • No transfer time from AC to DC sources
  • Unity power factor on AC input

Typical Applications

  • Telecom, IT rack server for 230/110VAC datacom cabinet where the 230/110VA equipment needs battery backup
  • Output power Capacity : typically from 3kVA up to 15kVA, but it can go up to 48kVA in one cabinet

Specific Technical Characteristics

  230Vac 120Vac
Nominal output power / current nx1500VA / nx6,6A nx1500VA / nx12,5A
DC input current max per Module nx34A nx34A
Efficiency in EPC mode (AC to AC) 96% 93%
Efficiency DC/AC on battery 91% 90%
AC input range 150VAC – 265VAC 83-140Vac

(n=number of modules)