Bravo ST 120Vac UL

Product Description

Bravo ST 120BRAVO-ST is a compact inverter with automated by-pass solution providing a pure sine wave AC supply. Combined with a DC Power system, it provides an excellent AC backup
solution. It uses the latest inverter technology, providing superior energy efficiency in a compact size.

The “Twin Sine Inverter” (TSI) technology allows 3 operation modes (EPC double conversionAC to AC, ON LINE DC to AC from battery and off line by-pass to AC). The automatic bypass
to AC allow easy hot plug module replacement without stopping the load giving highest AC output availability and avoid the need of an external manual by-pass

Typical Applications

All business' critical applications and all types of AC loads. The solution is designed for the highest AC output availability. Both inverter modules and by-pass are hot swappable which ensures low Mean Time to Repair (MTTR), reduction in service costs.

Main Features

    • Permanent AC to AC double conversion
    • Great disturbance rejection rate
    • Redundant AC & DC input sources
    • Source changeover not visible by the load
    • Highly efficient energy conversion
    • Preserve battery life expectancy
    • Compact form factor with short depth
    • Operates until 65°C (de-rating may apply)
    • Available in either 48Vdc/120Vac or 125Vdc/120Vac