The Technology behind

Triple port power conversion is our expertise

CE+T Power sees the future of power converters to be:

  • more efficient,
  • more intelligent
  • bi-directional.

As world leader in power backup solutions, CE+T Power masters the complex technology to develop, produce and market reliable and high performing inverter and Uninterruptable Power Systems that can do the job. So far no one else has been able to offer such power backup solutions for Telecom and Industry from a few hundred VA up to hundreds KVA.

CE+T Power owns several leading technologies:

Twin Sine Innovation (TSI)

The TSI technology allows for AC power systems to have no single point of failure, and brings the best performing AC Backup solutions on the market.

More information on TSI

Enhanced Conversion Innovation (ECI)

ECI provides:

  • a higher efficiency for the DC/AC conversion, while keeping the isolation,
  • an even higher reliability than TSI,
  • bi-directionality allowing to also charge the batteries and/or supply a DC load.

More information on ECI

Google & IEEE Little Box Challenge

CE+T Power has won the Google & IEEE Little Box Challenge, presenting the world’s most efficient tiny inverter. This Little Box Challenge project provides us with the keys for the next leap in technology for the years to come.

More information on our tiny inverter


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