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Meet Didier DEJACE, our new CEO

Team • 13.08 2019

Didier Dejace started working at CE+T 15 years ago as Sourcing Director. Since then, he has faced many challenges in his career, starting with the creation and development of CE+T’s subsidiaries in China and India as well as in the USA. Didier studies Engineering in Liège, and worked at Boston Scientific, John Cockerill, Alstom and Areva before joining CE+T. He recently completed an Executive MBA. Today, his new challenge is to become the CEO of CE+T Power.

Didier Dejace, with the Indian team, on the occasion of the wedding of an employee.

What do you like about CE+T Power?
At the beginning of my experience at CE+T, I noticed the ability to make quick decisions. As we are not a big group, decisions can be made very fast and we have a freedom of movement. What I also like is the international environment with the subsidiaries and the sales across the world. I also appreciate the team spirit and the fact that people work together towards the same goal.

What is exciting about your job here is…
The creation of the subsidiaries abroad: starting from scratch and building a company of more than 60 employees is a lifetime experience. In the future, we have lots of challenges ahead including product development, sales and new technologies such as Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, which is really exciting.

What are your hobbies?
I have multiple hobbies. The first one is photography. I started 20 years ago and had the opportunity to improve myself thanks to all the trips I made. I also like people and more specifically discover new cultures, ways of life different from the one I am used to live in. Another passion is motorbike. Every year, I organize a one-week trip with some of my CE+T colleagues in India.

If you had to recommend a book, which one will it be?
There are two books in fact, one management oriented and another for pleasure. The first one is “Against the Gods” written by Bernstein. I appreciate this book because it reflects well the reality of business: take risk and know how to manage them. The other one is “The day Apple purchased Greece” by Jean Cédric Michel. I appreciate this book because it fits the reality of our current world.

Which type of music do you like the most?
I like the rock from the 60’s to the 80’s but my favorite band is definitely AC/DC because it is motivating and timeless.

What is your favorite quote?
«A day is 24 hours, plus the night and one week is seven days, plus the Week-End »

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