Power Management System Functionalities

In today’s rapidly evolving energy landscape, managing power efficiently and sustainably is more critical than ever. CE+T’s Power Monitoring & Control software, Inview, is designed to address this need by offering robust functionalities to optimize energy usage, enhance system reliability, and ensure regulatory compliance. Here’s a closer look at three key power management functionalities of Inview that can transform the way you manage energy.

Inview Power Management System Functionalities

Forced Import/Export

Optimize Energy Costs and Utilization

The Forced Import/Export feature is a powerful tool that allows you to import or export electricity based on pre-set schedules or lower electricity prices. This functionality is especially beneficial for businesses looking to optimize their energy costs and improve efficiency. By integrating with an Energy Management System (EMS), this feature offers unparalleled flexibility in managing energy resources.


  • Cost Control: Gain greater control over energy bills by importing electricity when prices are low and exporting excess energy.
  • Self-Produced Energy Utilization: Maximize the use of self-produced energy, reducing dependency on external sources.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with local energy regulations effortlessly.
  • Efficiency: Enhance overall energy efficiency by aligning energy usage with optimal cost periods.

Peak Shaving

Reduce Energy Costs and Enhance Grid Stability

Peak Shaving is an automated feature designed to reduce or smooth energy consumption during peak demand times. By managing the average maximum power consumption over short periods, Peak Shaving helps in minimizing energy bills and reducing strain on infrastructure.


  • Lower Energy Bills: Achieve significant cost reductions by minimizing energy consumption during high-cost peak periods.
  • Infrastructure Efficiency: Reduce strain on the energy infrastructure, particularly during periods of high demand.
  • Grid Stability: Contribute to improved grid stability by balancing energy loads effectively.
  • Energy Efficiency: Enhance overall energy efficiency, reducing the environmental footprint.
  • Reduced Grid Dependence: Decrease reliance on grid connections, especially beneficial during peak times.


Achieve Energy Independence with High Self-sufficiency

The Off-grid/Self-consumption feature is ideal for systems, particularly PV-Coupled systems, that aim for high self-sufficiency. This functionality ensures that solar production is primarily used to power loads and recharge batteries, resorting to AC input only when necessary.


  • Reliable Power: Ensure reliable PV usage even in the absence of a stable grid connection.
  • Remote Locations: Provide consistent and reliable power for remote locations.
  • Local Energy Utilization: Prioritize and optimize the use of locally generated energy, boosting efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Grid Independence: Decrease dependency on the grid, offering protection against energy price fluctuations and enhancing energy security.

CE+T’s Inview software offers innovative and efficient solutions to manage your energy needs. Whether you aim to reduce costs, maximize the use of renewable energy, or ensure reliable power supply, Inview’s Forced Import/Export, Peak Shaving, and Off-grid/Self-consumption functionalities provide comprehensive tools to achieve your energy management goals. Embrace the future of energy management with Inview and take full control of your energy solutions today.

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