Solutions that lower the financial impact on your organization

Beyond Power Securization

CE+T Power's products and solutions are meant to help you ensure that your business keeps running whatever the status of your various power sources.

But at CE+T Power we have decided that "Business Continuity" should also mean that the power securization solution should be the lowest financial burden possible, and we strive in all we do to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.


the first and most effective parameter that we were able to improve is the efficiency of our solutions.

The energy lost in power conversion represents money paid for nothing, so we make sure that the losses are the smallest possible by increasing the efficiency of our systems.


Downtime only cost you more money, so we do not accept them and make sure they won't happen!

By increasing the reliability of our systems we ensure that your load availability will raise up to 99.9999%!


Another way to limit the financial burden is to invest in the power you need when you need it, not the power that you might need some day ...

Our products and solutions  are engineered to be fully scalable and fully redundant. And all our TSI based solutions can accomodate up to 32 modules in parallel ...

Easy handling

By proposing hot-swappable modules based solutions, we make sure that the time required to install, maintain or replace your power securization system will be as minimal as possible, hence costing you less in terms of man-hours ...

Also, if you need to relocate your system due to a change in your infrastructure, no worries! It'll go as easily and as fast as when it was installed the first time!