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Telecom Inverters

The volume of AC loads in your Telecom Network is increasing and you are wondering how to secure it?

Leveraging your DC infrastructure with traditional solutions (inverter, static switch, …) would involve a major investment that you’re not prepared to make?

But installing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) would bring you more issues than solutions?

CE+T Power TSI Based Inverters are there to help!

Whatever the output power range (from 500Va to 225kVA), whatever your DC input voltage (24Vdc, 48Vdc, 60Vdc, ...), they will give you the security you need without foregoing the efficiency and power purity that your installation requires!

A modular, yet fully redundant, approach to cover up to 225kVA!

Thanks to the full modularity, full redundancy, of our TSI based Inverters range, CE+T Power can secure your load from 500VA to 225kVA!

  • Veda, a 500VA modular inverter will effectively and economically be the solution up to 4000VA
  • For similar but space limited cabinets, Nova (750VA) will be the best choice
  • Mid- to high-power systems will be better served with our Media (1500VA) Modular Inverter
  • Bravo (2500 VA) will allow you to buid medium to large systems, up to 225kVA

Voltage availability

Input 120Vac (In/Out) 230Vac (In/Out)
48Vdc MediaBravo VedaNovaMediaBravoAlto


Modularity is not always needed!

When the output power need is low, redundancy and modularity are generally not needed, but why should efficiency also be reduced?

CE+T power has therefore decided to adapt its TSI Technology to stand-alone applications.

  • For low AC power telecom application (LTE for instance), our Y-one is the solution you are looking for!
  • The Bravo HC is a ruggedized version of our modular 2.5kVA TSI Bravo, that is ideal for outdoor shelters with high AC inrush currents requirements (such as air-conditioning)